Queer of Persia

Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017   REGISTER HERE هم‌اکنون ثبت‌نام کنید   For the very first time, Iran is going to be represented in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017. This would be the first time that “Iran” is going to be any LGBTI pride parade in Europe. JoopeA who is one of… Continue reading Queer of Persia

Queer of Persia

Queens, Princess and Princes of Persia are getting ready for first ever Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade. Join us on the boat.

We are the rainbow!

We are proud to present that Zamaneh Media and JoopeA are selected to run Iran boat for the first time during Amsterdam Canal Parade 2017. Amsterdam has unique sort of LGBTI Pride Parade because groups and organizations are on boats passing by through canals of the city. This is the second national event in the… Continue reading We are the rainbow!

JoopeA in iBridges 2016

We can name iBridges one of the most successful conferences that connects Iranians to high tech organizations in the world. It has started small, but as today, it has participants from more than 40 countries which more than one fifth of them comes from Iran. Regarding to official statistics, 200 entrepreneurs and more are participating… Continue reading JoopeA in iBridges 2016

Iran: The Road Ahead

Zamaneh Media is one of the leading progressive media NGOs among other Persian medias in exile. They are mainly known for their efficient and valuable news website and online radio Radio Zamaneh. Zamaneh Media is going to celebrate it’s 10 years anniversary on 21th October with the title of “Iran: The Road Ahead” along with holding… Continue reading Iran: The Road Ahead

Google & JoopeA

Google as the biggest IT company with the most profit is the biggest country of the world if we count each user as one citizen! Yet it has the most generous plans to make the world a better place. One of these plans is supporting reliable nonprofit organizations to grow in safe and secure virtual… Continue reading Google & JoopeA