International day against homo/trans/bi-phobia

Today is IDAHOT 2017. We at JoopeA celebrate this day by publishing full-version of “Iran in Amsterdam Pride Parade” video. Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us. Btw, JNews publishes several articles today on subject of IDAHOT. Don’t miss it if you can read Persian.

Persian LGBTI Rights Workshop

In preparations for Queer Of Persia (First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade) Humanity in Action Nederland and JoopeA hold “Persian LGBTI Rights” workshop. There would be two speakers to talk about the history of LGBTI Rights and current situation for LGBTI in the Netherlands and Iran. Workshop is in English with Persian translations… Continue reading Persian LGBTI Rights Workshop

Iran’s position on Internet Freedom: second worst!

“Not all countries are equal when it comes to cyber security and internet freedom. Many are poorly equipped to handle cyber attacks, while others are better equipped but more frequently targeted. Some countries boast free and open internet, while others impose strict censorship systems that block access to the web and punish citizens for what… Continue reading Iran’s position on Internet Freedom: second worst!

Queer of Persia

Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017   REGISTER HERE هم‌اکنون ثبت‌نام کنید   For the very first time, Iran is going to be represented in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017. This would be the first time that “Iran” is going to be any LGBTI pride parade in Europe. JoopeA who is one of… Continue reading Queer of Persia

We Are On Fire!

An extra-ordinary experience about an extra-ordinary evening On March 3rd, 2017, JoopeA office has been attacked. Here is a personal experience of Elham and Iman who were among witnesses.   Elham: That day was the first day in the entire existence of JoopeA and our professional work that we eventually have had somewhere we could… Continue reading We Are On Fire!

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Queer of Persia

Queens, Princess and Princes of Persia are getting ready for first ever Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade. Join us on the boat.

To light a candle

Elham Melkpoor (EL)

A writing from Elham Malekpoor (EL) You believe or not we are living in the darkest time of the human history and one of the reason is because we simply do not believe it, even though the bare fact is front of our eyes. How they let this tragedy happen? I’ve asked this question all… Continue reading To light a candle

We are the rainbow!

We are proud to present that Zamaneh Media and JoopeA are selected to run Iran boat for the first time during Amsterdam Canal Parade 2017. Amsterdam has unique sort of LGBTI Pride Parade because groups and organizations are on boats passing by through canals of the city. This is the second national event in the… Continue reading We are the rainbow!

JNews is open to participations

JoopeA News (JNews) which is known for it’s publication on Sexual Rights & Sexual Q&A in Persian is open to partial participations now. JNews has a dedicated editorial who are working daily. But it’s not all about dedication. This group is friendly and supportive as well. They couch you in any steps and it can… Continue reading JNews is open to participations

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