Code of Conduct

JoopeA foundation and all projects such as JAssist, JNews & JClub is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for discussing issues related to freedom of expression and Human Rights. We encourage all participants to approach the foundation with open and positive attitudes, and to engage constructively with others at all times. It is… Continue reading Code of Conduct

Guide to Communication

JoopeA Foundation is an international, multidisciplinary not for profit organization. There will be people speaking multiple languages and using terms from various fields of study. English will often be the language we are using, and people who are fluent English speakers will have an advantage over less fluent English speakers. Persian would be our second… Continue reading Guide to Communication

ILGA & JoopeA

It’s nothing new that JoopeA has been active in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersex & Queer (LGBTIQ) Rights since beginning. But sometimes, it’s good it to go through our history and introduce the activities that has been done in our long run. JoopeA has been established in 2009 in Iran. Unfortunately, restrictions of Iranian Government… Continue reading ILGA & JoopeA

Activists and their Roller Coaster

Being activist specially a social activists is difficult! It’s same as being on  roller coaster all the time … “What the hell is social activist?” people ask! “Do ever get arrested? or go to jail?” They continue! “But you never say something directly to governments! Then why?” questions continue! Social activists try to move the… Continue reading Activists and their Roller Coaster

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Happy 2017

  We at JoopeA foundation wish you all a very happy 2017.      

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Happy merry merry merry Xmas

We at JoopeA Foundation wish you all the happiest HO HO HO merry merry merry Christmas!

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Doneer Nu

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  For English version click here Help ons om meer stem aan de Red Dot evenals JNews, JClub, etc. geven door uw donaties. Elk en ieder van jullie donaties wordt geïnvesteerd in de uitbreiding van de toegang van burgers in landen waar mensen geen vrijheid hebben of beperkt is.   Doneer aan Stichting JoopeA via… Continue reading Doneer Nu

JoopeA in iBridges 2016

We can name iBridges one of the most successful conferences that connects Iranians to high tech organizations in the world. It has started small, but as today, it has participants from more than 40 countries which more than one fifth of them comes from Iran. Regarding to official statistics, 200 entrepreneurs and more are participating… Continue reading JoopeA in iBridges 2016


There are many many bright & creative ideas here in JoopeA Foundation waiting for an opportunity to shine. But as now, here is a list of projects that came to life so far:   Security & safety are most important elements in our work. This is why some other projects are not listed here.