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JoopeA News which is famous for Persian media monitoring on Sexual Rights topics is actively publishes and shares on different social media platforms. If you have difficulty to access it’s website you can follow one of these platforms to receives updates: Facebook: Twitter: Google Plus: Telegram: Instagram: RSS feed:… Continue reading JoopeA News in Social Media

Nakisa Azari Introduction

He was born short after 1979 revolution in Vasfenard, a neighborhood in south of Tehran. He was raising in a middle class religious family among three other siblings. He was interested in poetry and storytelling since childhood. He was spending most of his time in reading novels and poems since he left university. He is… Continue reading Nakisa Azari Introduction

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Why there is no “Private” section on JoopeA platforms?

We take security very serious. There is no doubts about it. This is why we double check everything from security view point. We have two high tech security advisers who are from top 10 security advisers, partners with Google and Facebook, etc. Qurium who host our platforms on their servers and Cure53 a group of… Continue reading Why there is no “Private” section on JoopeA platforms?

JoopeA News has been opened

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We are pleased to announced that JoopeA News (J News) has been re-opened. J News is a platform to gather and re-publish topics on Sexual Rights in other Persian Media channels. Additionally, it publishes new articles on taboo topics related to Sexual Rights in Persian such as LGBTIQ, Women’s rights, Children Abuse, Children Marriage and… Continue reading JoopeA News has been opened

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About JoopeA Foundation

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JoopeA, is a not-for-profit foundation¬†on the field of Human Rights by focusing on LGBTIQ Rights & Internet Freedom. This group has been established in 2009 (1389) with cooperation and participation of number of queer bloggers, queer practitioners, Human Rights activists and professional programmers all as a network of friends. We believe in A Free World… Continue reading About JoopeA Foundation

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You are always welcome to contact us through below channels: Email to: [email protected] Or fill the below form: P.S. JoopeA Foundation is strict about misconduct behaviors. Please visit our Code of Conduct page for more information. P.S. this form will saves sender’s IP address to protect our email from threats & spams. Read more.