JoopeA’s Outlines


April 29

JClub paused

JClub has paused to make room for more advanced social media for LGBTIQ & allies by JoopeA.
March 19

First Academic book

JoopeA has published it’s first academic research on Historiography of Homan written by E. Malekpoor.
March 1

First E-Book Series has published

First creditable E-books has been published incl. 7 booklets on taboo topic of “Female Sexual Satisfaction” in Persian.
February 10


JoopeA joins Million Positive Faces Campaign against discrimination against HIV+ people.
January 28

Headliner of 2017

True Colors 2018 openning
JoopeA Foundation has chose as one of the six LGBTI Rights headliners of the Netherlands in 2017.
August 5

First IranPride in Amsterdam

First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017
JoopeA has organized Iran in Amsterdam Pride Parade for the very first time.
July 27

IranPride 2017

Iranian LGBTIQ Pride 2017 organized & promoted by JoopeA.
July 1

JNews NL was born

JNews NL is part of JNews that publishes about events in the Netherlands related to Equality & Sexual Rights.
October 10

JAssist was born

JAssist Icon
JoopeA Assists Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with their online needs.
April 10

JClub was born

JClub Logo
First safe & secure social media for LGBTIQ & allies social media platform designed for citizens of restricted countries such as Iran.
February 10

Rainbow Calendar App

A Persian Calendar app for Android phones incl. all Human Rights, LGBTIQ Rights & national events.
November 22

JNews Re-opened

JoopeA News logo
JoopeA News v2 with reacher features started to work again.
October 13


JoopeA; The Free World
Officially registered in Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) in Amsterdam.
June 20

Joining ILGA

JoopeA joined ILGA in 2013, one year before official registration and while it was only active in Iran.
May 10

JNews Pauzed

JoopeA News stopped temporarily to make room for the advancer, more professional and better archive on Sexual Rights topics in Persian.
May 13

Homophilia Campaign

Homophilia Campaign logo
JoopeA joined the International Day Against Homophobia by implementing A Campaign for Love Against Hate.
September 1

JNews was born

First version of JoopeA News has born to cover the gap of Sexual Rights information in Persian.
July 23

IranLGBT Day was born

IranLGBT day 2010 (First IranPride day)
JoopeA members & other activists joined forces & established IranLGBT day (known as IranPride today). The first ceremony hold in Tehran.
September 1


JoopeA Logo
JoopeA has founded with social activists as a social group in Iran.