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Help us to give more voice to the JAssist as well as JNews, JClub, etc. by your donations!

Every and each donations of you is invested in expanding access of citizens in restricted countries to information.

You can donate to Stichting JoopeA by click on this link or donation module below.

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Where does your donation go?

We spend your donations on different project. All projects are focused on expanding Internet Freedom & Sexual Rights specially in Middle East. Here are more details about the projects:

  • IranPride: Donations will make it possible for Iranian & Persian-speaking LGBTIQ to come out & stand for their rights. By making the participation in Pride Parades around the world, we increase Iranian LGBTIQ social & self acceptance.
  • JAssist: We spend donations to help activists in Middle East to have their online platforms risk-free and cost-free. We try to empower social activities inside restricted countries by helping small organizations, groups & individuals to have their secure website & web services.
  • JNews: We produce & also re-publish reliable Persian topics on Sexual Rights (LGBTIQ, Sexual Health, Sex Education, etc.) to increase knowledge in this field in Persian. Donations are needed to produce, translate & re-publish more knowledge in this area.
  • JClub: JoopeA Club is a new social network for LGBTIQ & Alliances to dialogue. This social network has been designed with features which is needed for restricted country such as Iran to keep the users safe from being tracked or harassed by cyber army or hackers. Donations goes to moderators & secure hosting which help Persian Speaking LGBTIQs & alliances to have this secure social network to communicate.

We are also in need of other type of donations:

  • Do you have a spare space in Amsterdam that you can leave us for limited amount times? We would love to use it as our office.
  • Please do not hesitate to introduce us to other active groups. We would love to know more people.

Looking forward to hear from you: [email protected]

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