Persian LGBTI Rights Workshop

Persian LGBTI Rights workshop JoopeA & Humanity in Action

In preparations for Queer Of Persia (First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade) Humanity in Action Nederland and JoopeA hold “Persian LGBTI Rights” workshop.

There would be two speakers to talk about the history of LGBTI Rights and current situation for LGBTI in the Netherlands and Iran.

Workshop is in English with Persian translations

Date: May 11, 2017 – 14:00 to 17:00

Attending only through registration:

Workshop is free, including snacks and soft drinks.

Iran’s position on Internet Freedom: second worst!

“Not all countries are equal when it comes to cyber security and internet freedom. Many are poorly equipped to handle cyber attacks, while others are better equipped but more frequently targeted. Some countries boast free and open internet, while others impose strict censorship systems that block access to the web and punish citizens for what they post.” – said by Richard Patterson

When it comes to topic of Internet Freedom, no one expects to hear lot of good stories about Iran! Iranian government has been providing one of the most limited, low speed, bad quality and highly censored internet in the world.

New info-graphic from CompriTech pulled together data from 10 different sources to provide a comprehensive picture of which countries have the best and worst track record in terms of Internet freedom and cybersecurity in which Iran has been rated as second worst country in the field of Internet Freedom.

Iran is second worst country in internet freedom
Info-graphic by Richard Patterson in Comparitech

For complete info-graphic, please visit this link.

Queer of Persia

Iran boat in Amsterdam gay pride 2017
Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017



For the very first time, Iran is going to be represented in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017. This would be the first time that “Iran” is going to be any LGBTI pride parade in Europe.

JoopeA who is one of the main organizers of this event, has started a registration form for those who would like to come on the boat and show that “We are rock and this is our pride!”

The registration is open to Persian-speaking community all over the world from now to June 10th, 2017. Capacity of the boat is limited. Don’t forget to register as soon as possible.
You can sent your RSVP to [email protected] in case you are not Persian-speaking but you would like to come on the boat.

To register please visit this link. To read more about the event please visit this link.


We Are On Fire!

An extra-ordinary experience about an extra-ordinary evening

On March 3rd, 2017, JoopeA office has been attacked. Here is a personal experience of Elham and Iman who were among witnesses.


Elham Malekpoor
Elham Malekpoor

Elham: That day was the first day in the entire existence of JoopeA and our professional work that we eventually have had somewhere we could name it as our office and we were able to sit back, be cool and have some guests to have a small talk about what we are doing and what we are hoping to be able to do.

I was in my out days of study but of course not in so-called Holidays because I was counted on those days to go to the office, manage and finish some works and run some workshops for some of the possible volunteers who wants to join us.

That day was a busy day between those days. Since noon Raham and I were in office to work. When we reached to the office we could recognise the smell of burning. and the smell became stronger while we were behind our door.

We set, we did talk with the first volunteer and between two meetings we had a short conversation and we had about an hour to work. We had our second guest and the conversion was going well while our new guests have arrived.

One of our guests was queer and also she was politically and socially active in the area and as she explained later she wanted to work together with us to make a friendly and safe place for LGBTQ people in the neighbourhood and of course we were enthusiastic and we wanted to know more about her ideas and how she wanted to negotiate with the municipality of district. We were five sitting around and having drinks, common interest to speak out and common concern to work together and another two of us came later.

We were in the middle of the conversation when we heard someone is shouting loudly and after we denied him, he made it harder and louder. We continued the conversation but he did not stop and he started to damage and break some furnish and later on expensive work stuff which was absolutely out of control. We preferred to be calm and do not respond to the stimulation and incitement from him until he threw something heavy to our window.

We were on the topic about what should we do when he opened the door carefully and sprinkled few drops of dirty red water to Raham’s face. we took Raham back, I collected my stuff while another one called the police and explained to them the situation. I had to go to tell our friend as well but in the meanwhile, I was worried about that moment and others which I went to leave behind. I said goodbye to the guests and Raham came with me to the entrance door. I was mostly worried about one of us who was not in the good circumstance to stay there that’s why I asked Raham to send him out before everything is getting more complicated.

I was worried, I could hear the sirens of police cars and was thinking about any possible incident which could be happened. We’ve survived from this harmful experience and even though we could remember the struggling and frightful situation we passed when we were working in Iran. And this day just reminds us again the standard of safe work which we need to provide anywhere and anytime.

Picture by Elham Malekpoor
Picture by Elham Malekpoor
Iman - Volunteer at JoopeA
Iman – Volunteer at JoopeA

Iman: That evening was the second time which I went to JoopeA’s newest office to have a meeting with five other colleagues and two guests. As we were busy discussing some issues related to LGBTIQ community, I could hear someone in another room of the office was destroying the furniture while shouting and screaming. My colleagues tried to talk to him and calm him down, but that didn’t stop him.

I have never been in a same situation before. I was so scared. I felt extremely unsafe in that moment, my body was shaking, I was afraid of him coming to our room and hurt us which he came while his hand was bleeding. I tried to take distance from him and then someone took him out of the room and we contacted the police.

I left the office with a colleague and went to our friend’s apartment which was nearby and the rest locked themselves in that room to take care of the office until the police came. I was really worried about them the whole time, because you never know how far a violent person like him can go.

We couldn’t continue our meeting that night and after what happened, I don’t know how we can feel safe in that office again, especially the ones who work there every day.

JoopeA’s office has been attacked!

Last Friday, March 3rd, 2017 was indeed a huge shock to JoopeA’s members in the Netherlands.

There was a meeting hold in JoopeA’s office on LGBTIQ issues with six JoopeA’s members and two guests last Friday around 9:00pm that the unit has been attacked by an unconscious man. While the man was busy destroying tables, furnitures and computers in other rooms, we’ve contacted police. Police forces has arrived when the man was trying to force himself into our room by pouring red liquid on people.

attack on JoopeA office


Police forces captured the man into their custody. Hopefully, no one has been  injured physically during the accident.

attack on JoopeA office


Regarding to police, there is no information about the identity of the man and his motivation for the attack. Police is still investigating about it.

attack on JoopeA office


JoopeA group has been moved to this new donated office which is located in shared community unit in Amsterdam since December 2016. While this office is great help toward our work, it lacks basic security equipments. JoopeA has contacted several larger organizations to attract their support for securing this office for LGBTIQ Rights works way before this accident. But unfortunately, it wasn’t successful so far.

To light a candle

Elham Melkpoor (EL)

A writing from Elham Malekpoor (EL)

You believe or not we are living in the darkest time of the human history and one of the reason is because we simply do not believe it, even though the bare fact is front of our eyes.

How they let this tragedy happen? I’ve asked this question all the time when I was confronting with the history we passed. In which condition human being is able to be indifference about one another? I’ve questioned when can be seen the fatal indifference of those of us who think I do nothing and no blood is on my hands. we are living in the darkest time of the human being history the time when we lose our hope to light a candle because we lost the flame of our hopes and our dreams because we do not believe we are related. I have still the faith in human being and the way which makes us be able to light our torch again is being conscious, compassionate and responsible.

We are the rainbow!

We are proud to present that Zamaneh Media and JoopeA are selected to run Iran boat for the first time during Amsterdam Canal Parade 2017.

Amsterdam has unique sort of LGBTI Pride Parade because groups and organizations are on boats passing by through canals of the city.

Amsterdam gay pride

This is the second national event in the Netherlands after the King’s day.

Although group of Iranians has been marched among other nationalities before, but this is the first time that Iranians are going to march in Amsterdam LGBTI Pride Parade independently.

This year’s theme of parade is “This is my pride”. The boats parade will take place on Saturday, August 5th 2017.

We are Iranian, we are part of LGBTI and alliances community, we are for equal rights, and this is our pride!