To light a candle

Elham Melkpoor (EL)

A writing from Elham Malekpoor (EL)

You believe or not we are living in the darkest time of the human history and one of the reason is because we simply do not believe it, even though the bare fact is front of our eyes.

How they let this tragedy happen? I’ve asked this question all the time when I was confronting with the history we passed. In which condition human being is able to be indifference about one another? I’ve questioned when can be seen the fatal indifference of those of us who think I do nothing and no blood is on my hands. we are living in the darkest time of the human being history the time when we lose our hope to light a candle because we lost the flame of our hopes and our dreams because we do not believe we are related. I have still the faith in human being and the way which makes us be able to light our torch again is being conscious, compassionate and responsible.

We are the rainbow!

We are proud to present that Zamaneh Media and JoopeA are selected to run Iran boat for the first time during Amsterdam Canal Parade 2017.

Amsterdam has unique sort of LGBTI Pride Parade because groups and organizations are on boats passing by through canals of the city.

Amsterdam gay pride

This is the second national event in the Netherlands after the King’s day.

Although group of Iranians has been marched among other nationalities before, but this is the first time that Iranians are going to march in Amsterdam LGBTI Pride Parade independently.

This year’s theme of parade is “This is my pride”. The boats parade will take place on Saturday, August 5th 2017.

We are Iranian, we are part of LGBTI and alliances community, we are for equal rights, and this is our pride!

JNews is open to participations

JoopeA News (JNews) which is known for it’s publication on Sexual Rights & Sexual Q&A in Persian is open to partial participations now.

JNews has a dedicated editorial who are working daily. But it’s not all about dedication. This group is friendly and supportive as well. They couch you in any steps and it can be your first pleasant professional experiences in online media.

If you are interested in participating in JNews by become a part-time writer, translator or being active in web-administrations, don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected]

For more information on JNews please visit the website:

ILGA & JoopeA

It’s nothing new that JoopeA has been active in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Intersex & Queer (LGBTIQ) Rights since beginning.

But sometimes, it’s good it to go through our history and introduce the activities that has been done in our long run.

JoopeA has been established in 2009 in Iran. Unfortunately, restrictions of Iranian Government against LGBTIQ and generally all social activists, made us to work underground for a better society in Iran. Yet, it didn’t stopped us from connecting to our fellow activist groups. JoopeA was one of the first Iranian organizations which became part of ILGA from inside Iran. Below is the certificate of membership from ILGA:

JoopeA has been registered officially in October 2014 in the Netherlands.

For more information, please visit About Us page or contact us.

Activists and their Roller Coaster

Being activist specially a social activists is difficult! It’s same as being on  roller coaster all the time … “What the hell is social activist?” people ask! “Do ever get arrested? or go to jail?” They continue! “But you never say something directly to governments! Then why?” questions continue!

Social activists try to move the roots of society to a better place! YES! root of society! imagine how painful is this for the society. Families, would be firsts loving ones who start to disowning social activists! “you don’t look like a good person anymore”, “your clothes are wiered”, “Son, no one in our family kissed a boy before! You have to stop!” And yes, we get arrested in restricted countries, get harassed digitally and sometimes our families too!

And last but not least, we can’t go to a party and rest among bunch of friends that think and act the same! There is no rest for a social activist. We are always in fight to fix things! Yep, we look like kids! we usually don’t like suits but wasn’t it part of the activity to look like a free kid and yet do the right thing?

Come on board, join us on the roller coaster that we are all spinning every day and night to change the society for better.

We’ve been pinned on the map!

New office view

New year of 2017 has been began with a very good news for us: “We have our new office in Amsterdam now!”

This new office still has a lot to be a full functional office. But we are glad & optimistic to a better future. We do our best to expand LGBTIQ Rights & Internet Freedom specially in Middle East & Iran.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept guests at office yet. But our postal address is available as always for any mails and packages:

Stichting JoopeA
Postbus 22339
1100CH Amsterdam

Great thank to Stichting De Key for lending us this space.

JoopeA in iBridges 2016

We can name iBridges one of the most successful conferences that connects Iranians to high tech organizations in the world. It has started small, but as today, it has participants from more than 40 countries which more than one fifth of them comes from Iran. Regarding to official statistics, 200 entrepreneurs and more are participating to attract 50 funders from LA to get supporting for their projects.

This year iBridges has been held in Barcelona, Spain from seven to ten December.

Raham Rafiee from JoopeA foundation participates in the conference. JoopeA is providing projects such as JAssist for people in restricted countries which can be helpful for small organizations and startups in Iran.

If your project needs online assistance such as SSL Certificates, VPS, secure emails, etc and you are looking for free services, please contact Raham at [email protected] or follow him on twitter.

Looking forward to be in touch.

JAssist website is officially born

We are proud to announce that JAssist project website is now officially live!

JAssist (short form for “JoopeA Assists”) is a project that helps small organizations, activist groups and individuals in restricted countries to have their secure website and web services at no costs.

We believe every one on the planet has the right to have a voice. By lowering the risks and costs of having a website for people in restricted countries, we grantee their voice is being heard.

JAssist is small project at the moment and can assists few groups.
If you are interested to make this project bigger to give this opportunity to more people, you can help us by donations or other types of help.

Please visit JAssist website and don’t hesitate to contact team at [email protected] for any further info.