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As you might hear a lot recently, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced on May 25, 2018. This regulation is known as the most restrict data & user privacy protection in 20years. It forces each and every company inside European Union or those who are in any sort of transaction with EU citizens to not to collect users data or protect them with the regulations in the law. In simple words, European Union is enforcing every entity in the world to respect user’s privacy & to do not allow personal data to be stored or tracked with easy to understand way for users to obtain or and delete their collected data in full.

Where do we stand in this?

We at JoopeA believe that these regulations are necessary and even should be enforced earlier than this.

It wasn’t difficult to implement GDPR in JoopeA since we were keen to not to be involved with users’ personal data from the beginning. However, there were parts that needed modification. This is the reason behind our recent updates in our Privacy Policy. Please read these terms that are explained in an easy summary and the advanced Full Description here:

Privacy Policy

Just to clarify more, these are the data that might be collected while you are visiting JoopeA’s websites or using it’s services including but not limited to this website, JNews or JAssist:

– Direct data collection

We don’t collect or process your personal data with exception of emails & forms that you deliberately fill out such as comments, Pride registration, direct contact to editorial or newsletter sign up. The forms collect your IP along with your data to protect us against threats & spams but nothing more. You are entitled to remove you data at any time by requesting from contact us form or sending email to [email protected].

– Third parties data collection

We use services of Cloudflare, Mailchimp,, etc. and some of Google services such as Youtube, Analytics, AdWords, AdSence and G-Suite for Business. We have blocked all personal-level data in all these services. However, they usually collect public data such as location (regional level), browser brand & version, Operating System & it’s version, etc.

We have replaced many services to protect user data and kept those who claim their alignment with GDPR. But if you like to read more about the third party services data collection, please read the full Privacy Policy description.

We wish you secure and data protected internet surfing experience… Always!

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