JAssist is now protected by Google

Google Project Shield

We are pleased to announce that JAssist project is now under protection of Google against cyber attacks such as DDoS.

As you know, JoopeA Assists (JAssist) is more than providing free host and domains to civil society organizations (CSO) and social activists in or for restricted countries. JAssist builds websites, provides basic graphical design, teaches digital and social engineering security mitigations, gathers and advises on online opportunities that are available for CSOs, etc. This project goal is to empower CSOs and activists to focus on their activities and content instead of spending their budget on expensive online costs while these services are not necessarily secure enough for their work.

Now, Google Project Shield has been approved JAssist as Human Rights project that will be protected under Google Digital Security Shield. In other words, all clients of JAssist would be protected against major cyber attacks from now.

Are you interested in applying for JAssist? Fill this form in.

Happy secure and facile online technology for Civil Society Organizations and activists who are helping the world to become a better place.

Iran’s position on Internet Freedom: second worst!

“Not all countries are equal when it comes to cyber security and internet freedom. Many are poorly equipped to handle cyber attacks, while others are better equipped but more frequently targeted. Some countries boast free and open internet, while others impose strict censorship systems that block access to the web and punish citizens for what they post.” – said by Richard Patterson

When it comes to topic of Internet Freedom, no one expects to hear lot of good stories about Iran! Iranian government has been providing one of the most limited, low speed, bad quality and highly censored internet in the world.

New info-graphic from CompriTech pulled together data from 10 different sources to provide a comprehensive picture of which countries have the best and worst track record in terms of Internet freedom and cybersecurity in which Iran has been rated as second worst country in the field of Internet Freedom.

Iran is second worst country in internet freedom
Info-graphic by Richard Patterson in Comparitech

For complete info-graphic, please visit this link.

JoopeA in iBridges 2016

We can name iBridges one of the most successful conferences that connects Iranians to high tech organizations in the world. It has started small, but as today, it has participants from more than 40 countries which more than one fifth of them comes from Iran. Regarding to official statistics, 200 entrepreneurs and more are participating to attract 50 funders from LA to get supporting for their projects.

This year iBridges has been held in Barcelona, Spain from seven to ten December.

Raham Rafiee from JoopeA foundation participates in the conference. JoopeA is providing projects such as JAssist for people in restricted countries which can be helpful for small organizations and startups in Iran.

If your project needs online assistance such as SSL Certificates, VPS, secure emails, etc and you are looking for free services, please contact Raham at [email protected] or follow him on twitter.

Looking forward to be in touch.

JAssist website is officially born

We are proud to announce that JAssist project website is now officially live!

JAssist (short form for “JoopeA Assists”) is a project that helps small organizations, activist groups and individuals in restricted countries to have their secure website and web services at no costs.

We believe every one on the planet has the right to have a voice. By lowering the risks and costs of having a website for people in restricted countries, we grantee their voice is being heard.

JAssist is small project at the moment and can assists few groups.
If you are interested to make this project bigger to give this opportunity to more people, you can help us by donations or other types of help.

Please visit JAssist website and don’t hesitate to contact team at [email protected] for any further info.

Red Dot Project Intro

red dot project

Are you living in a restricted country under censorship rules? Yet, you want to increase knowledge in your language, write articles about the situation, have an small news blog or even have your online poems notebook?

Red Dot Project is for you.

We offer free hosting and web-service such as building a website to individuals and small groups.

Get in touch with us for more information: [email protected]

If you would like to donate to the project, click here.

We believe in community work!

There are many interesting posts and services provided by JoopeA Foundation such as many articles that are being published every day on JNews. You might want to re-use, copy part or full article or use JoopeA’s services. We are more than glad to welcome you too. All JoopeA’s services & outputs are under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) v4 International except where noted. Copy full or part of articles, using of services, etc. for personal or enterprise are allowed as while as your work has the same license and mention it’s sources. We believe in community work & building a better world together.


Brands & Logos

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Google & JoopeA

Google as the biggest IT company with the most profit is the biggest country of the world if we count each user as one citizen! Yet it has the most generous plans to make the world a better place. One of these plans is supporting reliable nonprofit organizations to grow in safe and secure virtual network that we all know as “Internet”!

We are pleased to announced that JoopeA is an official partner with Google for Nonprofit as a reliable NGO.

JoopeA uses Google Apps for Work such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Forms, Presentations, etc under business agreement. This agreement secure all our data safe and secure for JoopeA. Google doesn’t data mining such account. For more information you can take a look at Google’s Security White Papers. Google certifies that all data will remain independent for business users and will not be shared with other parties under ISO27001 Standard.

We are also in touch with Google to support more Iranian Organizations who are suffering both Iranian Government and International sanctions.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions.


Why there is no “Private” section on JoopeA platforms?

We take security very serious. There is no doubts about it. This is why we double check everything from security view point. We have two high tech security advisers who are from top 10 security advisers, partners with Google and Facebook, etc. Qurium who host our platforms on their servers and Cure53 a group of pen-test company. Additionally, we put our platforms in Hacker One a group of white hackers for security audits.

But what take us to that point to make every section on our websites public? what logic is behind this?

We believe “Private” is an illusion when it comes to online life. Everything marked as “Private” is being watched by website owners, ad companies, artificial intelligence, hackers and even NSA!

So, it’s up to you what you share online. But when you shared it, it’s all over the internet and you can’t stop it.

We believe if we keep every section public, it will give us a better and more realistic view. It will alert us about the content we want to share every time.

“This is Public! Watch your steps.”

The bottom line is, we keep everything open to public to make ourselves to be more careful. We give everybody the same right to see our activities and not only Google authorities, hackers or NSA agents. This way we can be more cautious and serious about security.

JoopeA Group