JoopeA & Iran Pride

Iran Pride Logo - A circle around the map of Iran that is filled with rainbow flag colors

For many years, JoopeA Foundation was the solo sponsor & organizer of participation of Iranian & Persian-speaking people in Queer Pride Parades -or as we call it Iran Pride- around the world.

The Iran Pride project was at heart of JoopeA’s activities since 2009 where our team organized the first ever pride parade in Tehran in 2010 under the name of the Iran Pride Day. Yes, it might be unbelievable, but we did it.

Iran Pride has grown so much since.  And now we are proud to announce that in a joint effort of four Queer organizations, Iran Pride has become an entity itself under the official name of the Pride Commission of Iran.

Iran Queer & Queer Kadeh from Canada & Azad Queer from the Netherlands joined hands with JoopeA to make Iran Pride an internationally recognizable brand in the field of Queer Rights & equality.

Let’s celebrate this new dawn of visibility for Iranian & Persian-speaking gays, lesbians, transgender & Intersex people & all queers.

For more information please visit Iran Pride website.


Business Plan 2023-2024 Summary

JoopeA; The Free World

Welcome to the JoopeA Foundation’s

Business Plan



Executive Summary

JoopeA, is a not-for-profit foundation on the field of Human Rights by focusing on Queer Rights & Internet Freedom. This group has been established in 2009 with cooperation and participation of number of queer bloggers, queer practitioners, Human Rights activists and professionals as a network of friends. In Oct. 2014 this group was officially registered in Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands.

We believe in A Free World as our ultimate vision. Thus, our mission is to expand Human Rights by means of technology & social activism.

To achieve our goals, JoopeA has developed many different projects such as Jensiat (knowledge base website on gender topics), JAssist (Assistance to social groups to have their online platforms), IranPride (participation of Iranians & allies in Pride Parades) & many more, each & every focused to expand access to internet, freedom of speech, sexual rights & knowledge.

JoopeA has successfully executed IranPride in Amsterdam Pride Parade through the years 2017 to 2019 before the global pandemic of Corona virus put pause on our plans.

In year 2023-2024 we are re-launching our IranPride program again to participate in Pride Parades around the world with various number of programs. IranPride main objective is to increase the social integration & participation of queer people regardless of religion, language, political view, etc. The short-term objective is to empower Iranian queers, grow the self-steam, decrease the self-shame & facilitate the social engagement.

In the coming days of 2023 & 2024, JoopeA will execute IranPride program in the Netherlands, Canada & USA by joining hand with other local groups to mobilize people to participate in Pride Parades in their cities. Additionally, our online publication will re-start its activities to enrich its database of gender-related knowledge to help people all around the world.

We will ensure that we offer our members the best-customized experience, allowing them to become socially active and informed. We will always ensure that we make provisions to entertain complaints and suggestions from them to better our services as a company in the social sector worldwide. This we will do, with all our might.

JoopeA is non-profit organization & mainly operate by collecting membership fees & donations from organizations & individuals. Every and each revenue of the organization is invested in our programs through the period of two years. The remaining of budget (if applicable) will be transferred in full to another non-profit organization with the same goals in the Netherlands who has the ANBI-status.

Vision & Mission

JoopeA Foundation embodies the beliefs of our platform, which are reflected in the mission and vision statements.

As we believe in A Free World as our ultimate vision, we are committed to expanding Human Rights by means of technology and social activism, focusing on Queer Rights with the purpose of increasing social acceptance. We believe that through our platform’s consultations and profiling, we will provide our members maximum comfort on their way to social acceptance. JoopeA Foundation is dedicated to creating a platform in which people can make new acquaintances with like-minded.

At JoopeA Foundation, we believe there is room for everyone in the social space. We are well poised to become the largest social discovery network globally for Iranians queers and their allies because we have created the best platform to uphold Queer Rights and combat intimidation of rejection. Our insights into the society have given us a great experience, which will help us solve significant social discovery spaces, especially privacy, safety, and security issues. This will enable us to stay ahead of the curve and focus on innovation, leveraging today’s standards in Human Rights fields.

Company Details

Official Name: Stichting JoopeA

Registration no: KVK61656127

RSIN: 854432838

VAT number: NL854432838B01

IBAN: NL90 INGB 0006 6858 71

General email: [email protected]

Director: E. Rafiee ([email protected])

Members of the board

Manager & financial officer: E. Rafiee

Commissioner & inspector: H. Seifi

Board member: B. Mojaverian

Board member: M.R. Kamkar

Services Description

Through years of our activity, JoopeA Foundation has developed many different projects such as Jensiat (knowledge base website on gender topics), JAssist (Assistance to social groups to have their online platforms), IranPride (participation of Iranians and allies in Pride Parades) and many more, each and every focused to expand access to internet, freedom of speech, sexual rights and knowledge.

Target Market

Our platform targets the LGBTIQ+ communities focusing on Iranians and Persian-speaking population.

Strategy Overview

Our first strategy will be directed towards our members. Our platform is just the platform for people of different sexual orientations, gender identity & sexual characteristics to seek networking and friendships with a view to getting social acceptance. As the platform’s administrative network, monitoring the activities of the users, JoopeA Foundation will pay close attention to them and ensure that they enjoy an excellent experience. We will establish ourselves as a clear and viable alternative for our target market. We will stand out as the best and safe platform for them to have the best service experience.

Management Summary

JoopeA Foundation is an Amsterdam-based platform founded by E. Rafiee. Rafiee will be the Director and Finance Manager of the company and will be supported by some other members of the board that will see to the affairs of JoopeA Foundation. They will be saddled with the responsibility of making executive and administrative decisions regarding the operations and functionality of JoopeA Foundation. Their commitment is to oversee and decide what goes on in the business, which aligns with the stated goals and objectives. They will be in full operation devising all means and strategies, putting their entrepreneurship skills and experience in the business world to help JoopeA Foundation achieve its best standard and become people’s first choice.

Personnel Remuneration Plan

JoopeA Foundation shall ensure the provision of the adequate workforce needed for the effective running of the business. The crew will consist of professionals who are ethically versed in the industry. However, as the company expands, the management team looks forward to bringing more hands on deck for efficient service.

In the meanwhile, JoopeA Foundation has a remuneration plan to upgrade volunteers’ and employees’ spirit through education, awards, and remuneration. We would provide periodic feedback to the employees, give space for personal development and guide our personnel to expand their decision-making and other skills through our social programs. JoopeA will provide opportunities for personnel to make decisions in their area of experience and develop their plans and programs for IranPride and online media publications. Our personnel has the full support of professionals throughout their work period in the organization.

Our media outlet editors will be offered online courses and the opportunities to have their columns. The next E-book series plan will be fully run by the volunteers and employees from deciding on the topic to design and marketing.

Our members and personnel will be supported to make decisions and execute their plans, courses, designs, and programs through the IranPride program.

Additionally, JoopeA Foundation will reward outstanding personnel with complementary trips and extra vacation days.

Although JoopeA Foundation has been run by the power of volunteers so far, we would like to offer salaries to our persistent volunteers and employees if the funding become available.

Financial Overview

The current plans of the organization is for the period of two years, starting from 1st Jan. 2023, ending at 31st Dec. 2024.

The total estimated budget of the organization is €92.500 for two years of which more than €63.500 would be invested in social activities and the rest for the online publication & core costs of the organization.

From the budget for the foundation there is a €10.000 is reserved for personnel’s remuneration, awards and education programs.

Although JoopeA’s members were working as volunteers so far, the amount of €305.200 per year is reserved for salaries if the funding become available.

Coverage plan

Our budget are covered through these main sources:

  • General donation campaigns
  • Receiving sponsorship grants
  • Collecting membership fees
  • Fundraising events

More information

For more information or acquiring more details about JoopeA and ongoing plans please contact us.


We Won the Hearts!

IranPride is selected as the best boat of Amsterdam Pride 2018

The famous Iraanse Boot (Iran Boat) has returned to Amsterdam Canal Pride last Sat, regardless of the sorrow of the last year.

“We had to finish what we have started last year.” said Raham Rafiee the organizer of the Iran Boat.

More than fifty Iranian homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people together with Human Rights activists, politicians and artists has worn white clothes and joined on the blue boat of Iran to show their true selves.

IranPride Boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018
Photo by: Parisa Akbarzadeh – (CC) JoopeA

There is no wonder why the IranPride boat is the biggest group of Iranians that participated in Pride Parade so far while being queer is punishable by law in Iran and the social acceptance is very low among Iranians and Persian-speaking communities.  But the heroes of Iran made it come true.

The best boat of 2018

The Netherlands embraced the Iranian LGBTIQ with huge applause during the parade, smiles, hugs, warm wishes, and kindness. But, being chosen as the best boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018 gives us hope in our fight for LGBTIQ Rights in Iran. It is an honor that the land of freedom awarded the Publieksprijs 2018 to IranPride.

Raham Rafiee speaking at the Amsterdam Pride closing ceremony

Raham Rafiee received the Iran Boat's award at Amsterdam Pride closing ceremony
Iran Boat is chosen as the best Amsterdam Pride 2018 boat by the public

We love you and we never forget your support for the cause.

See the report on BBC Persian (FA) & Het Parool (NL)

For more pictures and news please visit IranPride website:


Great thanks to Amsterdam Pride and Rapido Events who made the IranPride possible with their sponsorship.

بیانیه‌ی بنیاد ژوپی‌آ برای حضور در راهیپمایی افتخار در آمستردام

First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017

راهپیمایی غرور اقلیت‌های جنسی و جنسیتی به رسمی هرساله تبدیل شده است که گروه‌های مختلفی را بهسوی خود می‌کشاند که با هنجارهای دگرجنسگرامحور هم خوانی ندارند و این هنجارها از آن‌ها «دیگری» می‌سازد و این دیگری‌سازی از توهین و تحقیر و خشونت کلامی در جایی تا زندان و حتا اعدام در جایی دیگر ادامه پیدا می‌کند. این گروه‌ها که خود را از تعریف رسمی جامعه حذف‌شده می‌پندارند، امیدوارند که در این روز دیده شوند. آن‌ها نه‌تنها برای جامعه‌ای که در آن زندگی می‌کنند، در این روز خیابان‌ها را از آن خود می‌کنند بلکه جلوی چشم‌های مردمی که گاهی فقط برای تماشای جمعیتی که آن را متفاوت می‌بینند به تماشای راهپیمایی می‌روند هم حضور خود را اعلام می‌دارند و همین‌طور  بلکه جلوی چشم‌های میلیون‌ها انسان که از طریق رسانه‌های جمعی ازجمله شبکه‌های مختلف خبری تلویزیونی و ماهواره‌ای، مجله‌ها و روزنامه‌ها، وب‌سایت‌ها و بیشتر از همه‌ی این‌ها شبکه‌های اجتماعی به تماشای آن‌ها می‌نشینند، نشان می‌دهند که هستند و این بودن، بیش از آن‌چه این مردم فکر می‌کنند به آن‌ها نزدیک است ولی فقط آن را نمی‌بینند و یا انکار می‌کنند.مشاهده‌پذیری پایه‌ی اساسی این راهپیمایی است و اهمیت آن در همان دیگری‌سازی آشکار می‌شود. همان‌جایی که از توهین، تحقیر و خشونت کلامی تا زندان و اعدام وجود دارد و پایه‌ی مبارزه با این ستم، شناخت و دیده‌شدن گروه‌های تحت ستم جنسی است.


البته در این بین بیشتر از آن‌چیزی که بدانند و یا به آن اهمیت بدهند، در دیدرس نظام سرمایه هم قرار می‌گیرند. تغییر مناسبات اجتماعی در همه‌ی صحنه‌ها به‌خصوص صحنه‌های اقتصادی و سیاسی، امروزه بسیاری از این گردهم‌آیی‌ها و راهپیمایی‌ها را محلی برای جولان ساختارهای سیاسی و اقتصادی قدرت‌محور قرار داده است. از پرچمی که در دست می‌گیریم، از لباسی که به تن می‌کنیم و آرایشی که می‌کنیم تا شعارهایی که می‌دهیم، هر سال بیش از پیش ما را به هدف تجاری و سیاسی اصحاب قدرت تبدیل می‌کند تا این‌که کم‌کم این راهپیمایی‌ها که برای آرمان‌های برابری‌خواهانه و انقلابی شکل گرفته بودند تبدیل به جشن‌های سرگرم‌کننده‌تری می‌شوند که در آن منافع تجاری و اقتصادی نظام سرمایه‌داری بیشتر از منافع حیاتی گروه‌های تحت ستم جنسی دیده می‌شود. با‌این‌حال، تذکر این نکته ضروری است که هنوز گروه‌های ویژه‌ای به همین سطح از مشاهده نیاز جدی دارند. درحالی‌که حتا همین جشن هم در ادبیات شفاهی و هم‌چونین در ادبیات رسمی بیشتر به نام همجنسگرایان و آن هم همجنسگرایان مرد شناخته و خوانده می‌شود، هنوز همجنسگرایان زن، تراجنسیتی‌ها، دوجنسگرایان، پن‌سکشوال‌ها، اسکشوال‌ها و … مورد بی‌مهری و قضاوت‌های نادرست و ناعادلانه‌ی جامعه قرار دارند و این قضاوت‌ها در خود جامعه‌ی اقلیت‌های جنسی و جنسیتی هم آن‌جایی که تحت‌تاثیر مردسالاری قرار می‌گیرند هم وجود دارد. این مساله که می‌توان آن را به‌نوعی ناهم‌زمانی در روند مشاهده و پذیرش گروه‌های مختلف اقلیت جنسی خواند سبب می‌شود که اهداف گروه‌های شرکت‌کننده و در مقایسه‌ای بزرگ‌تر افراد شرکت‌کننده، از هم متفاوت و گاهی نامتجانس باشد.


این اهداف می‌توانند از جلوه‌گری و نمایش جنسی و جنسیتی که خود پاسخی به نیازهای طبیعی انسان است تا اعتراض و حق‌خواهی و برابری‌طلبی متفاوت باشند. البته این سطح از تفاوت، چیزی است که در درون یک تاریخ و جغرافیا دیده می‌شود و اگر بخواهیم به مقایسه‌ی دو جغرافیای متفاوت از هر نظر به‌عنوان مثال، خاورمیانه از سویی و اروپای غربی از سوی دیگر بپردازیم، به سطح متفاوت و مهم‌تری از نیازها، اهداف و فعالیت‌ها می‌رسیم.


برای یک ایرانی همانند منطقه‌های جغرافیایی دیگری که دارای محرومیت‌ها و محدودیت‌های مشابه هستند، حضور بی‌نقاب در برابر دوربین‌ها کاملن متفاوت است با آن‌چیزی که یک هلندی استنباط می‌کند. ما هنوز در آغاز مسیر مشاهده‌پذیری قرار داریم.


شرکت ما در رزه‌ی افتخار (پراید) بی‌شک نتایج سیاسی و اجتماعی ویژه‌ای را دارد که برای جامعه‌ی ایرانی تعریف می‌شود و برای جامعه‌ی هلند کم‌تر قابل‌فهم است. به‌خصوص اگر به این نکته اشاره کنیم که برای شرکت‌کننده‌ی جوان و یا حتا میانسال اروپایی برخی از ابعاد شرایط حال حاضر جامعه‌ی اقلیت‌های جنسی ایران، در تاریخ زندگی شخصی‌اش حضور ندارد اگرچه اشتراک‌های بسیار بین این دو هم قابل‌توجه است. این‌که حضور بی‌نقاب اقلیت‌های جنسی ایرانی که در اروپا زندگی می‌کنند و در شرایط ویژه‌تر خود را از خاورمیانه به اروپا می‌رسانند که در رژه‌ی افتخار شرکت کنند، حرکتی است که می‌تواند تاوان بسیاری داشته باشد. این تاوان گاهی برای کسانی که به هر دلیل مجبور به بازگشت به ایران هستند یا در همان اروپا در بین خانواده، فامیل و دوستانی زندگی می‌کنند که از همان فرهنگ ناهم‌زمان ایران برخاسته‌اند، می‌تواند سنگین‌تر از آنی باشد که به ذهن می‌رسد.


جغرافیای فرهنگی‌ای که ما در آن زیست می‌کنیم، هنوز نیاز به مشاهده‌پذیری دارد و مشاهده‌پذیری دلیل اصلی حضور ما در رژه‌ی قایق‌ها در سال ۲۰۱۷ «کانال‌پراید ۲۰۱۷» بود. حضوری که شروعی پرانرژی و مصمم داشت و پایانی تلخ، اما ما را بر اتمام حرکتی که ناتمام ماند، جدی‌تر کرد. اتفاق‌هایی که برای قایق ایران در پراید ۲۰۱۷ افتاد، فارغ از هرگونه تحلیلی که در مورد چرایی آن وجود داشت و گفته شد، پروژه‌ی مشاهده‌پذیری را ناتمام گذاشت.


آنچه که باید اتفاق می‌افتاد این بود. در کانال‌پراید ۲۰۱۷ آمستردام قایقی با بیش از هفتاد نفر از اقلیت‌های جنسی و جنسیتی و حامیانشان که غالبن بی‌نقاب بودند، آمده بود تا جایگاه اولین گروهی باشد که می‌خواستند به‌صورت دسته‌جمعی خود را برای هرکسی که ممکن بود آن‌ها را ببیند. تذکر این نکته ضروری است که برخی از افراد روی قایق، خودشان از اقلیت‌های جنسی و جنسیتی نبودند اما با پذیرفتن این خطر که مورد همان هجمه‌ها و توهین‌ها قرار بگیرند، با درک لزوم حمایت از جنبش‌های برابری‌خواهانه پا به قایق گذاشته بودند. بی‌شک افراد حاضر بر روی قایق می‌دانستند که با حضور انبوه رسانه‌های جمعی و با اهمیت ویژه‌ی ایران از نظر حقوق بشر و در نتیجه پرداخت وسیع‌تر شبکه‌های اجتماعی به این اتفاق، تقریبن باید خود را آماده‌ی آشکارشدن برای هرکسی که آن‌ها را می‌شناسد، بکنند بااین‌وجود، قایق ایران پهلو گرفت. آن هم درست قبل از این‌که به گذرگاه حضور رسانه‌های عمومی برسد. پنجاه متر قبل از جایی که دوربین‌های ضبط سراسری رسانه‌ها ایستاده بودند که حضور قایق‌های مختلف را گزارش کنند.


تلخ بود و گزنده. خستگی بر تن همه‌ی ما مانده بود و نمی‌دانستیم با اندوه پس از آن چه کنیم؟ ظاهر اتفاق هرچقدر برای جامعه‌ی میزبان اگرچه تلخ اما ساده بود، برای ما پیچیده بود و نامفهوم. مگر می‌شود که این شادابی و انرژی فراوانی که همراه با دلهره و اضطراب در ما بود به‌ناگهان مثل آتشی که بر آن آب بریزند، در کم‌تر از یک ساعت خاکستر شود؟ راننده‌ی هلندی قایق به‌هردلیلی از ادامه‌ی هدایت قایق سرباز زد (دلیلی که هیچ‌وقت به‌اندازه‌ی کافی که برای ما قابل فهم باشد، آشکار نشد) نمی‌دانست که این توقف بر سر هرچیزی که باشد، از دلایل ساده‌ای چون لجبازی تا دلایل پیچیده‌ای که ریشه در نگاه‌های نژادی و جغرافیایی دارد، برای ما اندوه بزرگی را می‌سازد در برابر آرزو و خواسته‌ای که خود را تا این حد به آن نزدیک می‌دیدیم: ما را ببینید ما حضور داریم.


«شرح این هجران و این خون جگر

این زمان بگذار تا وقت دگر»


بگذریم که اگر نگذریم نمی‌توانیم دوباره شروع کنیم. به هر ترتیبی این آشکارسازی خودخواسته‌ی گروهی، نشد که آن‌گونه که می‌خواهیم به سرانجام برسد و درنتیجه ناتمام ماند اگرچه در همان شرایط هم با ایستادگی و مقاومت در برابر ناملایمات، پیام ما شنیده شد اما نه به آن وسعتی که انتظار ما بود.


با ناتمام ماندن این پروژه، نه آن خواسته‌ی بزرگ از بین رفت و نه آن گروه صاحب این خواسته از پای نشست. عزم خود را جزم کردیم که حتمن اینبار را به مقصد برسانیم. شرایط امسال برای ما سخت‌تر و همراه با موانع بیشتر بود، اما به‌هرترتیب این امکان برای ما مهیا شد که دوباره تلاش کنیم. نقطه‌ای که در آن حضور داریم همان‌چیزی است که در سال پیش در پی آن بودیم. مشاهده‌شدن: ما را ببینید، ما حضور داریم.


قایق ایران امسال هم در کانال‌پراید آمستردام حضور دارد. این‌که آیا سال بعد و سال‌های بعد از آن هم بخواهیم و بتوانیم با بضاعت اندک خودمان در کانال‌پراید حضور داشته باشیم، وابسته به سرانجام حضور امسالمان و تحلیل‌های پس از آن خواهد بود که سخن گفتن از آن در حال حاضر ناپخته خواهد بود.


وقتی متوجه شدیم که موضوع امسال کانال‌پراید، قهرمانان است، همه‌چیز برایمان جالب‌تر شد. آیا از کسانی که برای هدفشان و حضورشان می‌جنگند و ابزارشان  در این جنگ خودشان، صورتشان، هویتشان و زندگیشان است، برای قهرمان‌خطاب‌شدن، لایق‌تر هم هست؟ امروز هرکدام از ما قهرمان زندگی خودمان است و با تمام ناملایمات، روی پاهای خود می‌ایستیم ،با دست‌های خودمان موسیقی جدیدی را می‌نوازیم و این‌بار مصمم به آن هستیم که صدای این موسیقی را به گوش همه‌ی جهان و به‌خصوص همه‌ی آن‌هایی که پیش‌ازاین ما را می‌شناختند اما نمی‌شناختند برسانیم: ما را ببینید ما حضور داریم.


بنیاد ژوپی‌آ

امرداد ۱۳۹۷ – اوت ۲۰۱۸

IranPride in Amsterdam Pride 2018


Iran Boat has pulled over by the Dutch skipper with no logical explanation during Amsterdam Canal Pride 20171. The boat has no technical issues nor it was over crowded2. The skipper has been gone missing since. Strange ha?

Not that it wasn’t painful nor that any of those who were on the boat can forget the pain. But the future belongs to the people and their rights. We have passed a tragedy to spread our message last year and we continue our work for better future for all. We are hopeful & consistence to “Make our dream come true“. We are proud to parter with Pride Business Club to show that we are not ashamed to be part of Queer community whom were born in a Persian-speaking country or family.

We are attending Amsterdam Pride Parade 2018 proudly because “Our presence is our resistance”.

Looking forward to sail on #IraanseBoot3 in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2018 among other 79 awesome Pride boats on August 4th, 2018.


Please click here to join the movement by your donations in case you believe existence of such groups in Pride Parades is necessary.

Donate to the IranPride Initiative



1 –
2 –
3 – Dutch word for “Iran Boat”

GDPR & JoopeA

JoopeA Foundation is aligned with EU GDPR pricacy regulations

As you might hear a lot recently, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced on May 25, 2018. This regulation is known as the most restrict data & user privacy protection in 20years. It forces each and every company inside European Union or those who are in any sort of transaction with EU citizens to not to collect users data or protect them with the regulations in the law. In simple words, European Union is enforcing every entity in the world to respect user’s privacy & to do not allow personal data to be stored or tracked with easy to understand way for users to obtain or and delete their collected data in full.

Where do we stand in this?

We at JoopeA believe that these regulations are necessary and even should be enforced earlier than this.

It wasn’t difficult to implement GDPR in JoopeA since we were keen to not to be involved with users’ personal data from the beginning. However, there were parts that needed modification. This is the reason behind our recent updates in our Privacy Policy. Please read these terms that are explained in an easy summary and the advanced Full Description here:

Privacy Policy

Just to clarify more, these are the data that might be collected while you are visiting JoopeA’s websites or using it’s services including but not limited to this website, JNews or JAssist:

– Direct data collection

We don’t collect or process your personal data with exception of emails & forms that you deliberately fill out such as comments, Pride registration, direct contact to editorial or newsletter sign up. The forms collect your IP along with your data to protect us against threats & spams but nothing more. You are entitled to remove you data at any time by requesting from contact us form or sending email to [email protected].

– Third parties data collection

We use services of Cloudflare, Mailchimp,, etc. and some of Google services such as Youtube, Analytics, AdWords, AdSence and G-Suite for Business. We have blocked all personal-level data in all these services. However, they usually collect public data such as location (regional level), browser brand & version, Operating System & it’s version, etc.

We have replaced many services to protect user data and kept those who claim their alignment with GDPR. But if you like to read more about the third party services data collection, please read the full Privacy Policy description.

We wish you secure and data protected internet surfing experience… Always!

Privacy Policy

JoopeA Privacy Policy


JoopeA Foundation and all it’s projects are aligned with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not save, track nor compile users data in any way except:

  • When filling a form for specific activities such as Pride registration, commenting or signing up for newsletters, beside the info that you provide deliberately in the form, we save your IP. This IP is saved only for spam detection and is not being used in any other way. We strongly recommend to use secure VPN always to mask your IP.
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  • Third party services such as Google Analytics, Cloudflare DDoS protection, etc. do save your general data such as region, browser brand and version, operating system, time of visit, etc. although we tightened their hands as mush as possible to not to include any personal data. The data these services stores is explained below.


JoopeA Foundation is aligned with EU GDPR pricacy regulations

Full Description

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Stichting JoopeA websites (incl. this one) collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a “User”) of the JoopeA’s website (“Site”).

Personal identification information

We may collect personal identification information from Users in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, when Users visit our site, fill out a form, respond to a survey, and in connection with other activities, services, features or resources we make available on our Site. Users may be asked for, as appropriate, name, email address. Users may, however, visit our Site anonymously. We will collect personal identification information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such information to us. Users can always refuse to supply personally identification information, except that it may prevent them from engaging in certain Site related activities.

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How we use collected information

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  • To run and operate our Site
    We may need your information display content on the Site correctly.
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    We may use feedback you provide to improve our products and services.
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How we protect your information

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Sharing your personal information

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Changes to this privacy policy

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Contacting us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us.



Change Logs:
This document was last updated on April 28, 2018


Tomorrow is positive!

Million Positive Faces Campaign #millionpositivefaces

HIV is not a death sentence quite a sometime now.  However, HIV positive people are still facing discrimination all around the world in all aspects of their lives.

This is where the #MillionPositiveFaces campaign comes in to show the solidarity of all of us with HIV+ people. The campaign is an initiative of Hiv Vereniging in cooperation with ViiV Healthcare and het Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis.

Use this link to participate in the campaign:

We at JoopeA believe in positive and hopeful future and fight side by side with every human being who fights against discrimination. This is why we as JoopeA have joined the campaign. Some of our team’s pictures are here:


JoopeA has been chosen as one of the LGBTIQ Rights headliners

True Colors 2018

On Sunday, January 28th, Amsterdam was hosting the annual True Colors event. the COC Nederland organized this annual event this year for the sixth time with participants from more than two thousand Queer Rights Activists from more than three hundred different organizations.

In the past years, known members of the COC or reputed politicians started the ceremony. But this year True Colors started with delegates from six organizations. Those organizations were selected as the headliners of Queer Rights in The Netherlands. The selection was based on their influence in The Netherlands and their mission.

We are very glad that JoopeA was among those six. The other selected organizations were: “Pos en Proud” in support of HIV positive LGBTIQs, “Roze 50+” supporters of queers who are older than 50, “Gerda Kreeft” supporters of deaf queers, “Expreszo” a publisher with more than thirty years of experience which has been running by teenage and young queers and “Trans United” which supports transgender people in The Netherlands.

JoopeA Foundation held IranPride in The Netherlands for the first time in 2017. This event was the biggest gathering of Iranians with different ethnicities, political opinions, genders and sexual orientations in support of Human Rights of LGBTIQ people. Additionally, JoopeA’s members who have a long history as human rights defenders are part of the founders and organizers of IranPride day in 2010. Iran Pride day is the last Friday of July and is being celebrated since 2010.

COC chose JoopeA as one of the most progressive groups regarding Queer Rights in The Netherlands and one of the headliners, because of the importance and difficulty of JoopeA’s activities which increases acceptance and tolerance for LGBTIQ people in societies such as Iran.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony: