Business Plan 2023-2024 Summary

Welcome to the JoopeA Foundation’s

Business Plan



Executive Summary

JoopeA, is a not-for-profit foundation on the field of Human Rights by focusing on Queer Rights & Internet Freedom. This group has been established in 2009 with cooperation and participation of number of queer bloggers, queer practitioners, Human Rights activists and professionals as a network of friends. In Oct. 2014 this group was officially registered in Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands.

We believe in A Free World as our ultimate vision. Thus, our mission is to expand Human Rights by means of technology & social activism.

To achieve our goals, JoopeA has developed many different projects such as Jensiat (knowledge base website on gender topics), JAssist (Assistance to social groups to have their online platforms), IranPride (participation of Iranians & allies in Pride Parades) & many more, each & every focused to expand access to internet, freedom of speech, sexual rights & knowledge.

JoopeA has successfully executed IranPride in Amsterdam Pride Parade through the years 2017 to 2019 before the global pandemic of Corona virus put pause on our plans.

In year 2023-2024 we are re-launching our IranPride program again to participate in Pride Parades around the world with various number of programs. IranPride main objective is to increase the social integration & participation of queer people regardless of religion, language, political view, etc. The short-term objective is to empower Iranian queers, grow the self-steam, decrease the self-shame & facilitate the social engagement.

In the coming days of 2023 & 2024, JoopeA will execute IranPride program in the Netherlands, Canada & USA by joining hand with other local groups to mobilize people to participate in Pride Parades in their cities. Additionally, our online publication will re-start its activities to enrich its database of gender-related knowledge to help people all around the world.

We will ensure that we offer our members the best-customized experience, allowing them to become socially active and informed. We will always ensure that we make provisions to entertain complaints and suggestions from them to better our services as a company in the social sector worldwide. This we will do, with all our might.

JoopeA is non-profit organization & mainly operate by collecting membership fees & donations from organizations & individuals. Every and each revenue of the organization is invested in our programs through the period of two years. The remaining of budget (if applicable) will be transferred in full to another non-profit organization with the same goals in the Netherlands who has the ANBI-status.

Vision & Mission

JoopeA Foundation embodies the beliefs of our platform, which are reflected in the mission and vision statements.

As we believe in A Free World as our ultimate vision, we are committed to expanding Human Rights by means of technology and social activism, focusing on Queer Rights with the purpose of increasing social acceptance. We believe that through our platform’s consultations and profiling, we will provide our members maximum comfort on their way to social acceptance. JoopeA Foundation is dedicated to creating a platform in which people can make new acquaintances with like-minded.

At JoopeA Foundation, we believe there is room for everyone in the social space. We are well poised to become the largest social discovery network globally for Iranians queers and their allies because we have created the best platform to uphold Queer Rights and combat intimidation of rejection. Our insights into the society have given us a great experience, which will help us solve significant social discovery spaces, especially privacy, safety, and security issues. This will enable us to stay ahead of the curve and focus on innovation, leveraging today’s standards in Human Rights fields.

Company Details

Official Name: Stichting JoopeA

Registration no: KVK61656127

RSIN: 854432838

VAT number: NL854432838B01

IBAN: NL90 INGB 0006 6858 71

General email: [email protected]

Director: E. Rafiee ([email protected])

Members of the board

Manager & financial officer: E. Rafiee

Commissioner & inspector: H. Seifi

Board member: B. Mojaverian

Board member: M.R. Kamkar

Services Description

Through years of our activity, JoopeA Foundation has developed many different projects such as Jensiat (knowledge base website on gender topics), JAssist (Assistance to social groups to have their online platforms), IranPride (participation of Iranians and allies in Pride Parades) and many more, each and every focused to expand access to internet, freedom of speech, sexual rights and knowledge.

Target Market

Our platform targets the LGBTIQ+ communities focusing on Iranians and Persian-speaking population.

Strategy Overview

Our first strategy will be directed towards our members. Our platform is just the platform for people of different sexual orientations, gender identity & sexual characteristics to seek networking and friendships with a view to getting social acceptance. As the platform’s administrative network, monitoring the activities of the users, JoopeA Foundation will pay close attention to them and ensure that they enjoy an excellent experience. We will establish ourselves as a clear and viable alternative for our target market. We will stand out as the best and safe platform for them to have the best service experience.

Management Summary

JoopeA Foundation is an Amsterdam-based platform founded by E. Rafiee. Rafiee will be the Director and Finance Manager of the company and will be supported by some other members of the board that will see to the affairs of JoopeA Foundation. They will be saddled with the responsibility of making executive and administrative decisions regarding the operations and functionality of JoopeA Foundation. Their commitment is to oversee and decide what goes on in the business, which aligns with the stated goals and objectives. They will be in full operation devising all means and strategies, putting their entrepreneurship skills and experience in the business world to help JoopeA Foundation achieve its best standard and become people’s first choice.

Personnel Remuneration Plan

JoopeA Foundation shall ensure the provision of the adequate workforce needed for the effective running of the business. The crew will consist of professionals who are ethically versed in the industry. However, as the company expands, the management team looks forward to bringing more hands on deck for efficient service.

In the meanwhile, JoopeA Foundation has a remuneration plan to upgrade volunteers’ and employees’ spirit through education, awards, and remuneration. We would provide periodic feedback to the employees, give space for personal development and guide our personnel to expand their decision-making and other skills through our social programs. JoopeA will provide opportunities for personnel to make decisions in their area of experience and develop their plans and programs for IranPride and online media publications. Our personnel has the full support of professionals throughout their work period in the organization.

Our media outlet editors will be offered online courses and the opportunities to have their columns. The next E-book series plan will be fully run by the volunteers and employees from deciding on the topic to design and marketing.

Our members and personnel will be supported to make decisions and execute their plans, courses, designs, and programs through the IranPride program.

Additionally, JoopeA Foundation will reward outstanding personnel with complementary trips and extra vacation days.

Although JoopeA Foundation has been run by the power of volunteers so far, we would like to offer salaries to our persistent volunteers and employees if the funding become available.

Financial Overview

The current plans of the organization is for the period of two years, starting from 1st Jan. 2023, ending at 31st Dec. 2024.

The total estimated budget of the organization is €92.500 for two years of which more than €63.500 would be invested in social activities and the rest for the online publication & core costs of the organization.

From the budget for the foundation there is a €10.000 is reserved for personnel’s remuneration, awards and education programs.

Although JoopeA’s members were working as volunteers so far, the amount of €305.200 per year is reserved for salaries if the funding become available.

Coverage plan

Our budget are covered through these main sources:

  • General donation campaigns
  • Receiving sponsorship grants
  • Collecting membership fees
  • Fundraising events

More information

For more information or acquiring more details about JoopeA and ongoing plans please contact us.