Elham Malekpoor Introduction

Elham Malekpoor on the way to Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018

Elham Malekpoor ArashluQueer hobo poet has been called Elham Malekpoor Arashlu since 29th July 1983 has published several collections of poetry, most of which have been banned or censored in Iran and has had several writings published or non-published including poetry, short story, article and research; by own name or various aliases. The theoretical human rights activist who believes in saving the world with words.

El is also known as a human rights activist who is particularly dealing with child labor and queer rights and keeps the fame of a poet who has been active in both the literary domain and in human rights activities. A semi-blind has graduated from both agricultural engineering and Persian literature and had be on the Protective Fellowship Scheme for Human Rights Defenders at Risk at the center for applied human rights at the university of York and had work on the “Historicizing HOMAN” project on the first group engaged in writing the history of sexual minorities in Iran during staying at York.

El was a member of JoopeA since the beginning (2009). She is participating and cooperating as an adviser and editor. Elham joined the management team in 2015, created JoopeA’s editorial guideline, JoopeA’s members guideline and new organization Status. She is the main organizer of Homophilia Campaign & major actor for IranPride campaign.

Unfortunately, she had to leave us as permanent member due to her savior health problems on 25th of July 2018. We miss her always.

To be in touch with El, you can follow her Twitter or send her direct email using this form:


    Read more about Elham Malekpoor Arashlu on Wikipedia

    Nakisa Azari Introduction

    He was born short after 1979 revolution in Vasfenard, a neighborhood in south of Tehran. He was raising in a middle class religious family among three other siblings.

    He was interested in poetry and storytelling since childhood. He was spending most of his time in reading novels and poems since he left university.

    He is writing in several newspapers, websites and blogs.

    He believes in agnostic, socialism, ٰpoststructuralism and anarchism. He is active in workers unions and left wings, ethnicity minorities, queer rights and children rights.

    He starts working as chief editor in JoopeA foundation since January 2014.

    You can send email to editor [at] joopea [dot] com to be touch with him.

    Raham Rafiee Introduction

    Raham Rafiee

    Raham Rafiee is the founder of JoopeA Foundation, this very NGO that focuses on minorities issues inside Iran while also engaging in civil society activities on behalf of gender minorities within immigrant communities in Amsterdam.

    Mr. Rafiee promotes awareness and dialogue within the primarily Middle Eastern immigrant communities in the Netherlands, where acceptance of gender minorities is limited and a source of high-profile political debate. As part of these efforts, Mr. Rafiee and JoopeA organized the first participation of Iranian Queers in Parade in Tehran back in 2010 & the first Iran Group in Amsterdam Pride Parade after.

    He is enthusiastic computer programmer in many related fields. In Addition, he works in IT & Tech field.

    JoopeA foundation has been registered under his name as chairman of board in Oct 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    To be in touch with him you can follow his Twitter or Facebook account or send email to rafiee [at] joopea [dot] com