We Won the Hearts!

IranPride is selected as the best boat of Amsterdam Pride 2018

The famous Iraanse Boot (Iran Boat) has returned to Amsterdam Canal Pride last Sat, regardless of the sorrow of the last year.

“We had to finish what we have started last year.” said Raham Rafiee the organizer of the Iran Boat.

More than fifty Iranian homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people together with Human Rights activists, politicians and artists has worn white clothes and joined on the blue boat of Iran to show their true selves.

IranPride Boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018
Photo by: Parisa Akbarzadeh – (CC) JoopeA

There is no wonder why the IranPride boat is the biggest group of Iranians that participated in Pride Parade so far while being queer is punishable by law in Iran and the social acceptance is very low among Iranians and Persian-speaking communities.  But the heroes of Iran made it come true.

The best boat of 2018

The Netherlands embraced the Iranian LGBTIQ with huge applause during the parade, smiles, hugs, warm wishes, and kindness. But, being chosen as the best boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018 gives us hope in our fight for LGBTIQ Rights in Iran. It is an honor that the land of freedom awarded the Publieksprijs 2018 to IranPride.

Raham Rafiee speaking at the Amsterdam Pride closing ceremony

Raham Rafiee received the Iran Boat's award at Amsterdam Pride closing ceremony
Iran Boat is chosen as the best Amsterdam Pride 2018 boat by the public

We love you and we never forget your support for the cause.

See the report on BBC Persian (FA) & Het Parool (NL)

For more pictures and news please visit IranPride website: https://pride.joopea.info/


Great thanks to Amsterdam Pride and Rapido Events who made the IranPride possible with their sponsorship.

IranPride in Amsterdam Pride 2018


Iran Boat has pulled over by the Dutch skipper with no logical explanation during Amsterdam Canal Pride 20171. The boat has no technical issues nor it was over crowded2. The skipper has been gone missing since. Strange ha?

Not that it wasn’t painful nor that any of those who were on the boat can forget the pain. But the future belongs to the people and their rights. We have passed a tragedy to spread our message last year and we continue our work for better future for all. We are hopeful & consistence to “Make our dream come true“. We are proud to parter with Pride Business Club to show that we are not ashamed to be part of Queer community whom were born in a Persian-speaking country or family.

We are attending Amsterdam Pride Parade 2018 proudly because “Our presence is our resistance”.

Looking forward to sail on #IraanseBoot3 in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2018 among other 79 awesome Pride boats on August 4th, 2018.


Please click here to join the movement by your donations in case you believe existence of such groups in Pride Parades is necessary.

Donate to the IranPride Initiative



1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwH0DAu2L1s
2 – https://www.facebook.com/Raham.JoopeA/posts/500455683621302
3 – Dutch word for “Iran Boat”

Tomorrow is positive!

Million Positive Faces Campaign #millionpositivefaces

HIV is not a death sentence quite a sometime now.  However, HIV positive people are still facing discrimination all around the world in all aspects of their lives.

This is where the #MillionPositiveFaces campaign comes in to show the solidarity of all of us with HIV+ people. The campaign is an initiative of Hiv Vereniging in cooperation with ViiV Healthcare and het Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis.

Use this link to participate in the campaign: https://www.millionpositivefaces.nl/joopea/doemee

We at JoopeA believe in positive and hopeful future and fight side by side with every human being who fights against discrimination. This is why we as JoopeA have joined the campaign. Some of our team’s pictures are here:


JoopeA has been chosen as one of the LGBTIQ Rights headliners

True Colors 2018

On Sunday, January 28th, Amsterdam was hosting the annual True Colors event. the COC Nederland organized this annual event this year for the sixth time with participants from more than two thousand Queer Rights Activists from more than three hundred different organizations.

In the past years, known members of the COC or reputed politicians started the ceremony. But this year True Colors started with delegates from six organizations. Those organizations were selected as the headliners of Queer Rights in The Netherlands. The selection was based on their influence in The Netherlands and their mission.

We are very glad that JoopeA was among those six. The other selected organizations were: “Pos en Proud” in support of HIV positive LGBTIQs, “Roze 50+” supporters of queers who are older than 50, “Gerda Kreeft” supporters of deaf queers, “Expreszo” a publisher with more than thirty years of experience which has been running by teenage and young queers and “Trans United” which supports transgender people in The Netherlands.

JoopeA Foundation held IranPride in The Netherlands for the first time in 2017. This event was the biggest gathering of Iranians with different ethnicities, political opinions, genders and sexual orientations in support of Human Rights of LGBTIQ people. Additionally, JoopeA’s members who have a long history as human rights defenders are part of the founders and organizers of IranPride day in 2010. Iran Pride day is the last Friday of July and is being celebrated since 2010.

COC chose JoopeA as one of the most progressive groups regarding Queer Rights in The Netherlands and one of the headliners, because of the importance and difficulty of JoopeA’s activities which increases acceptance and tolerance for LGBTIQ people in societies such as Iran.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

Summary of IranPride 2017 Closing Ceremony

IranPride 2017 Closing

Monday, 27th November 2017: JoopeA Foundation held IranPride 2017 Closing ceremony to close this chapter of IranPride and open the space for their participation for Pride Parade in 2018.

Here are remarks of this event in brief:

Member of EU Parliament fully supports IranPride

MEP and member of the delegation for the relationship with Iran, Mrs. Marietje Schaake has shown her full support for IranPride and LGBTI Rights for Iran in a video message.

“All Iranian suffer from repression, LGBTs are specific target; they’ve been imprisoned, tortured and executed. At the same time, social acceptance of LGBTs remains lower at times.”

Mrs. Schaake said.

“Equality is the principle reason why the Iranian LGBT movement wants to participate in the next Pride parade in Amsterdam. And I’m fully support this decision.”

She added.

LGBTI Policy Officer of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs speech

Mr. Mark Reichwein:

“When LGBTI people are not treated well, there is something wrong in entire society. Unfortunately around the world over seventy countries still criminalise homosexuality and in seven of them, there is death penalty for homosexuals.”

“This celebration of diversity matters and especially for those people, those participants around the world where they less fortunate when it comes to acceptance in their own society.”

Mr. Reichwein explained about the need for Pride Parade.

The ceremony in details

On Monday 27th November 2017, JoopeA Foundation (Stichting JoopeA) held IranPride 2017 Closing ceremony together with the representative of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, COC Nederland, COC Amsterdam, Roze in Blouw politie, Human Rights activists, journalists, sponsors and supporters of the Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride 2017.

This ceremony started with the speech of Mr. Mark Reichwein, LGBTI Policy Officer of Dutch Foreign Ministry and followed by the speech of Elham Malekpoor Arashlu, poet and the core management team of JoopeA. Therefore, Raham Rafiee, founder of JoopeA gave a summary of the history of IranPride day and the background of JoopeA. After Raham, Faarjam, musician and composer performed his music. Iman Firouzifard, the core member of JoopeA News spoke about his story of Human Rights activities and also the projects of the foundation. The video message of MEP Mrs. Marietje Schaake has been shown and followed by closing speech of Raham and thank you message to all groups, individuals and organisations who helped JoopeA and IranPride.

At the end, Amsterdam Pride Organization and COC Amsterdam received symbolic presents.

JAssist is now protected by Google

Google Project Shield

We are pleased to announce that JAssist project is now under protection of Google against cyber attacks such as DDoS.

As you know, JoopeA Assists (JAssist) is more than providing free host and domains to civil society organizations (CSO) and social activists in or for restricted countries. JAssist builds websites, provides basic graphical design, teaches digital and social engineering security mitigations, gathers and advises on online opportunities that are available for CSOs, etc. This project goal is to empower CSOs and activists to focus on their activities and content instead of spending their budget on expensive online costs while these services are not necessarily secure enough for their work.

Now, Google Project Shield has been approved JAssist as Human Rights project that will be protected under Google Digital Security Shield. In other words, all clients of JAssist would be protected against major cyber attacks from now.

Are you interested in applying for JAssist? Fill this form in.

Happy secure and facile online technology for Civil Society Organizations and activists who are helping the world to become a better place.

Pictures of Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade

First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017

Iranians took such a brave step forward in fight for LGBTIQ Rights and participated in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade on Iran Boat for the very first time.

Iran Boat has been planning and managed by JoopeA Foundation since February this year and were supposed to be the pearl of the Amsterdam Pride Parade this year based on Amsterdam Pride Foundation. However, they were not be able to finish the track because of problem making of the Dutch skipper. While the message of the Iran Boat which are “being proud of who we are” and “standing for our rights” has been spread widely, this tumbling has brought too much pain and sorrow.

Amsterdam Pride Foundation has honored Iran team in Pride Week closing party and awarded Iran Boat a wild card for next year’s canal pride. A wild card let an initiative to float among other 80 boats without going through selection process and registrations.

Iran Boat while sailing
Iran Boat while sailing
First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017
Iran Boat participants
First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017
Iran Boat while sailing
First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017
Iran Boat while sailing
First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017
Iran Boat message “We stand strong”
Sorrow of Iran Boat participants after skipper left the boat on the side
Sorrow of participants after skipper left
Sorrow of Iran Boat participants after skipper left the boat on the side
Sorrow of participants after skipper left
Sorrow of Iran Boat participants after skipper left the boat on the side
Sorrow of participants after skipper left
Sorrow of Iran Boat participants after skipper left the boat on the side
Sorrow of participants after skipper left
Sorrow of Iran Boat participants after skipper left the boat on the side
Sorrow of participants after skipper left
Sorrow of Iran Boat participants after skipper left the boat on the side
Sorrow of participants after skipper left
First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017
Iran Boat while sailing
Raham Rafiee speaking in Pride Week closing party while Amsterdam Pride Foundation awarded Iran Boat the wild card
Raham Rafiee speaking in Pride Week closing party


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Persian LGBTI Rights Workshop

Persian LGBTI Rights workshop JoopeA & Humanity in Action

In preparations for Queer Of Persia (First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade) Humanity in Action Nederland and JoopeA hold “Persian LGBTI Rights” workshop.

There would be two speakers to talk about the history of LGBTI Rights and current situation for LGBTI in the Netherlands and Iran.

Workshop is in English with Persian translations

Date: May 11, 2017 – 14:00 to 17:00

Attending only through registration: https://goo.gl/vq26ox

Workshop is free, including snacks and soft drinks.

Iran’s position on Internet Freedom: second worst!

“Not all countries are equal when it comes to cyber security and internet freedom. Many are poorly equipped to handle cyber attacks, while others are better equipped but more frequently targeted. Some countries boast free and open internet, while others impose strict censorship systems that block access to the web and punish citizens for what they post.” – said by Richard Patterson

When it comes to topic of Internet Freedom, no one expects to hear lot of good stories about Iran! Iranian government has been providing one of the most limited, low speed, bad quality and highly censored internet in the world.

New info-graphic from CompriTech pulled together data from 10 different sources to provide a comprehensive picture of which countries have the best and worst track record in terms of Internet freedom and cybersecurity in which Iran has been rated as second worst country in the field of Internet Freedom.

Iran is second worst country in internet freedom
Info-graphic by Richard Patterson in Comparitech

For complete info-graphic, please visit this link.