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Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017



For the very first time, Iran is going to be represented in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017. This would be the first time that “Iran” is going to be any LGBTI pride parade in Europe.

JoopeA who is one of the main organizers of this event, has started a registration form for those who would like to come on the boat and show that “We are rock and this is our pride!”

The registration is open to Persian-speaking community all over the world from now to June 10th, 2017. Capacity of the boat is limited. Don’t forget to register as soon as possible.
You can sent your RSVP to [email protected] in case you are not Persian-speaking but you would like to come on the boat.

To register please visit this link. To read more about the event please visit this link.


2 Replies to “Queer of Persia”

  1. I don’t think this is “For the very first time” that Iranian LGBTQIs are participating in Amsterdam LGBTQI pride.
    it is indeed a good job that you are doing, but it would be a greater job if you refrain from giving false news to your readers. below is some resource that shows Iranian indeed were actively in LGBTQI pride in Amsterdam in previous years.
    Persian BBC: http://www.bbc.com/persian/world/2014/08/140804_l42_pics_amsterdam_canal_pride
    radio zamaneh: https://www.radiozamaneh.com/231148

  2. Dear Mithra,
    Iranians has been join in many boats such as “COC”, “vluchteningenwerk”, “Hivos”, etc. But I’m afraid none of them were independent participation in AGP. There were never an “Iran Boat” in AGP before. There were no independent “Iran” participation in any European Pride Parades either.
    Thank you for your concerns about the reliabilities of the news.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

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