We have become the fireworks …

JoopeA has been active for a long time since 2009 when all of the members were still in Iran and fighting… most people knew JoopeA from the JNews project, a media website which provides information related to sexual health and education and tries to raise awareness about sexual rights for Persian speaking people. However, the foundation has become known more in 2017.

We are a group of Human Rights activists specialized in LGBTIQ Rights and Internet freedom, trying to make a difference in the world by focusing on Iran. We are in the 21st century and still, a lot of people don’t have the chance to be who they are freely. Being able to show the true version of yourself brings hope and self-belief. And hope opens the doors of freedom not just for one individual but further, for the society. The freedom which has been taken away from humanity. Lack of freedom is what JoopeA doesn’t tolerate in any form of its presence.

For the first time, in 2017, JoopeA participated in Amsterdam Pride Parade on behalf of Iran with the aim of being able to be the face of Iranian LGBTIQ’s to make our existence visible. Visibility is essential for every LGBTIQ movement especially when we are talking about a country where the former president of it denied the existence of LGBTIQ community. And that’s why participating in Amsterdam Pride Parade was a turning point for the movement. And it made 2017 a special year for JoopeA Foundation.

2018 is going to be a year with even more surprises. We will be not just rocking again in Amsterdam Pride Parade but more and more will be waiting for you in the year ahead. Follow us on social media to stay updated about our projects and events and contact us if you think you can and you want to be part of our activities.

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No matter if you decided to take a step for LGBTIQ movement of Iran long before today or if you aim to join us now, we will be glad to have you beside us. together we are stronger and can do a lot more.

We wish you a new year filled with love, freedom and JoopeA.


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