JoopeA & Iran Pride

Iran Pride Logo - A circle around the map of Iran that is filled with rainbow flag colors

For many years, JoopeA Foundation was the solo sponsor & organizer of participation of Iranian & Persian-speaking people in Queer Pride Parades -or as we call it Iran Pride- around the world.

The Iran Pride project was at heart of JoopeA’s activities since 2009 where our team organized the first ever pride parade in Tehran in 2010 under the name of the Iran Pride Day. Yes, it might be unbelievable, but we did it.

Iran Pride has grown so much since.  And now we are proud to announce that in a joint effort of four Queer organizations, Iran Pride has become an entity itself under the official name of the Pride Commission of Iran.

Iran Queer & Queer Kadeh from Canada & Azad Queer from the Netherlands joined hands with JoopeA to make Iran Pride an internationally recognizable brand in the field of Queer Rights & equality.

Let’s celebrate this new dawn of visibility for Iranian & Persian-speaking gays, lesbians, transgender & Intersex people & all queers.

For more information please visit Iran Pride website.


We Won the Hearts!

IranPride is selected as the best boat of Amsterdam Pride 2018

The famous Iraanse Boot (Iran Boat) has returned to Amsterdam Canal Pride last Sat, regardless of the sorrow of the last year.

“We had to finish what we have started last year.” said Raham Rafiee the organizer of the Iran Boat.

More than fifty Iranian homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people together with Human Rights activists, politicians and artists has worn white clothes and joined on the blue boat of Iran to show their true selves.

IranPride Boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018
Photo by: Parisa Akbarzadeh – (CC) JoopeA

There is no wonder why the IranPride boat is the biggest group of Iranians that participated in Pride Parade so far while being queer is punishable by law in Iran and the social acceptance is very low among Iranians and Persian-speaking communities.  But the heroes of Iran made it come true.

The best boat of 2018

The Netherlands embraced the Iranian LGBTIQ with huge applause during the parade, smiles, hugs, warm wishes, and kindness. But, being chosen as the best boat in Amsterdam Pride 2018 gives us hope in our fight for LGBTIQ Rights in Iran. It is an honor that the land of freedom awarded the Publieksprijs 2018 to IranPride.

Raham Rafiee speaking at the Amsterdam Pride closing ceremony

Raham Rafiee received the Iran Boat's award at Amsterdam Pride closing ceremony
Iran Boat is chosen as the best Amsterdam Pride 2018 boat by the public

We love you and we never forget your support for the cause.

See the report on BBC Persian (FA) & Het Parool (NL)

For more pictures and news please visit IranPride website:


Great thanks to Amsterdam Pride and Rapido Events who made the IranPride possible with their sponsorship.