Activists and their Roller Coaster

Being activist specially a social activists is difficult! It’s same as being on  roller coaster all the time … “What the hell is social activist?” people ask! “Do ever get arrested? or go to jail?” They continue! “But you never say something directly to governments! Then why?” questions continue!

Social activists try to move the roots of society to a better place! YES! root of society! imagine how painful is this for the society. Families, would be firsts loving ones who start to disowning social activists! “you don’t look like a good person anymore”, “your clothes are wiered”, “Son, no one in our family kissed a boy before! You have to stop!” And yes, we get arrested in restricted countries, get harassed digitally and sometimes our families too!

And last but not least, we can’t go to a party and rest among bunch of friends that think and act the same! There is no rest for a social activist. We are always in fight to fix things! Yep, we look like kids! we usually don’t like suits but wasn’t it part of the activity to look like a free kid and yet do the right thing?

Come on board, join us on the roller coaster that we are all spinning every day and night to change the society for better.

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