JoopeA & Iran Pride

Iran Pride Logo - A circle around the map of Iran that is filled with rainbow flag colors

For many years, JoopeA Foundation was the solo sponsor & organizer of participation of Iranian & Persian-speaking people in Queer Pride Parades -or as we call it Iran Pride- around the world.

The Iran Pride project was at heart of JoopeA’s activities since 2009 where our team organized the first ever pride parade in Tehran in 2010 under the name of the Iran Pride Day. Yes, it might be unbelievable, but we did it.

Iran Pride has grown so much since.  And now we are proud to announce that in a joint effort of four Queer organizations, Iran Pride has become an entity itself under the official name of the Pride Commission of Iran.

Iran Queer & Queer Kadeh from Canada & Azad Queer from the Netherlands joined hands with JoopeA to make Iran Pride an internationally recognizable brand in the field of Queer Rights & equality.

Let’s celebrate this new dawn of visibility for Iranian & Persian-speaking gays, lesbians, transgender & Intersex people & all queers.

For more information please visit Iran Pride website.


IranPride in Amsterdam Pride 2018


Iran Boat has pulled over by the Dutch skipper with no logical explanation during Amsterdam Canal Pride 20171. The boat has no technical issues nor it was over crowded2. The skipper has been gone missing since. Strange ha?

Not that it wasn’t painful nor that any of those who were on the boat can forget the pain. But the future belongs to the people and their rights. We have passed a tragedy to spread our message last year and we continue our work for better future for all. We are hopeful & consistence to “Make our dream come true“. We are proud to parter with Pride Business Club to show that we are not ashamed to be part of Queer community whom were born in a Persian-speaking country or family.

We are attending Amsterdam Pride Parade 2018 proudly because “Our presence is our resistance”.

Looking forward to sail on #IraanseBoot3 in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2018 among other 79 awesome Pride boats on August 4th, 2018.


Please click here to join the movement by your donations in case you believe existence of such groups in Pride Parades is necessary.

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1 –
2 –
3 – Dutch word for “Iran Boat”

Iranian LGBTIQ activists statement in support of #IranProtest

Iranian LGBTIQ ogrs statement in favor of #IranProtests

We Stand Together and Move Forward to Exercise Our Rights

Iranian LGBTIQ (queer*) community:


In all these years, LGBTIQ community alongside with other groups, not only have been observing protests and uprising of Iranian people, but they have been part of it as well. This year, we as a group of Iranian queer community, state our full support for Iranian people and we ask all Iranian around the world not to forget to fight for equal rights in all aspects including gender equality and LGBTIQ community rights.

The article 20 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares everyone right to have freedom of peaceful assembly and association. We also recognize everyone right to have a peaceful demonstration and protests as part of efforts to achieve equality and democracy in a society. Therefore, nonviolent demonstrations are basic rights of each person which is brought into laws in international communities and Iran. However, our society continuously being pushed out and LGBTIQ activists have been hiding their identities and hence leave the country.

In the last 4 decades, Islamic Republic of Iran government not only has been playing a direct role in punishing people, but also has been very active in promoting hatred against LGBTIQ community all around the world. Iranian government officials are proud to do such activities and these pressures forces thousand Iranian people from queer community to leave Iran and seek asylum in other countries.

We, Iranian LGBTIQ activists, request support from politicians and activists in Iran and all around the world and we demand their help to improve the situation of Iranian queer community until we achieve the equal rights.

We also appeal to social activists to not forget Intersectional people rights and  to remember that students, women, teachers, workers, and minorities from different cities and villages are part of the LGBTIQ community. In Iran society, due to toxic environment against LGBTIQ community, people from different sexual orientations are not in liberty to exercise their rights and make sure their voices are heard, hence they are victims of inequality from different legal and social aspects.

We, as part of the LGBTIQ community, would like to ask all social movements especially women movements to promote gender equality goal and invite them to remember other sexual orientations in their conversations and not to encourage Heteronormative and Cisnormative dialogues.

JoopeA Foundation, Spectrum, Radio Ranginkaman


* “Queer” is used as equivalent of LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, etc.) which is more inclusive.