To light a candle

A writing from Elham Malekpoor (EL)

You believe or not we are living in the darkest time of the human history and one of the reason is because we simply do not believe it, even though the bare fact is front of our eyes.

How they let this tragedy happen? I’ve asked this question all the time when I was confronting with the history we passed. In which condition human being is able to be indifference about one another? I’ve questioned when can be seen the fatal indifference of those of us who think I do nothing and no blood is on my hands. we are living in the darkest time of the human being history the time when we lose our hope to light a candle because we lost the flame of our hopes and our dreams because we do not believe we are related. I have still the faith in human being and the way which makes us be able to light our torch again is being conscious, compassionate and responsible.

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