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About JoopeA Foundation

JoopeA, is a not-for-profit foundation on the field of Human Rights by focusing on LGBTIQ Rights & Internet Freedom. This group has been established in 2009 (1389) with cooperation and participation of number of queer bloggers, queer practitioners, Human Rights activists…


Iran Pride Logo - A circle around the map of Iran that is filled with rainbow flag colors

JoopeA & Iran Pride

We are proud to announce that Iran Pride has become an official entity.
May 1, 2023
IranPride is selected as the best boat of Amsterdam Pride 2018

We Won the Hearts!

Aug 7, 2018
The land of freedom embraced the Iranian LGBTIQ during the Amsterdam Pride 2018
First Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2017

بیانیه‌ی بنیاد ژوپی‌آ برای حضور در راهیپمایی افتخار در آمستردام

Aug 3, 2018
آیا از کسانی که برای هدفشان و حضورشان می‌جنگند و ابزارشان در این جنگ خودشان، صورتشان، هویتشان و زندگیشان است، برای قهرمان‌خطاب‌شدن، لایق‌تر هم هست؟

IranPride in Amsterdam Pride 2018

Jun 11, 2018
We are participating in Amsterdam Pride 2018 stronger than ever…
JoopeA Foundation is aligned with EU GDPR pricacy regulations

GDPR & JoopeA

Apr 28, 2018
European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & it’s impact on JoopeA

Red Dot Project Intro

red dot project

Are you living in a restricted country under censorship rules? Yet, you want to increase knowledge in your language, write articles about the situation, have an small news blog or even have your online poems notebook?

Red Dot Project is for you.

We offer free hosting and web-service such as building a website to individuals and small groups.

Get in touch with us for more information: [email protected]

If you would like to donate to the project, click here.

Iran: The Road Ahead

Iran The Road Ahead Festival

Zamaneh Media is one of the leading progressive media NGOs among other Persian medias in exile. They are mainly known for their efficient and valuable news website and online radio Radio Zamaneh.

Zamaneh Media is going to celebrate it’s 10 years anniversary on 21th October with the title of “Iran: The Road Ahead” along with holding a conference and dance party in Amsterdam.

JoopeA is pleased to be the partner with Zamaneh to present Iranian LGBTIQ in a road ahead! Article19 and JoopeA will present obstacles on the way of Iranian queers in the online world.

Join us on 21th October  to discuss how JoopeA processes big data on Sexual Rights and how we manage online security for minorities in restricted countries.

Iran The Road Ahead Festival

For more information please visit Zamaneh Events websites or Facebook event page.
To buy your tickets please go to venue’s ticket sale website.

Raham Rafiee Introduction

Raham Rafiee

Raham Rafiee is the founder of JoopeA Foundation, this very NGO that focuses on minorities issues inside Iran while also engaging in civil society activities on behalf of gender minorities within immigrant communities in Amsterdam.

Mr. Rafiee promotes awareness and dialogue within the primarily Middle Eastern immigrant communities in the Netherlands, where acceptance of gender minorities is limited and a source of high-profile political debate. As part of these efforts, Mr. Rafiee and JoopeA organized the first participation of Iranian Queers in Parade in Tehran back in 2010 & the first Iran Group in Amsterdam Pride Parade after.

He is enthusiastic computer programmer in many related fields. In Addition, he works in IT & Tech field.

JoopeA foundation has been registered under his name as chairman of board in Oct 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

To be in touch with him you can follow his Twitter or Facebook account or send email to rafiee [at] joopea [dot] com