3rd Anniversary

JoopeA is not just a group, nor just an organization. It’s not an entity of one. But it’s every single one of us. JoopeA is this strong tree of life that each and every branch has been shaped and bloom by its community. This is why JoopeA is so understanding about the society and so close to its hearth.

We have passed many difficult years, since 2009 that we’ve gathered in a cafe in Tehran, to the time that we had to keep the low profile in Iran, as low as not breathing, or when we had been attacked in our office in Amsterdam, to the glory times of JNews re-opening and IranPride.

It wasn’t easy, it would never be easy. But for the better future, here we are, standing strong.

JoopeA has been officially registered on 13th of October 2014 in the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Although we have started way before, we bless this date as one of the important points in JoopeA’s life.

Happy 3rd anniversary!


JoopeA is not a person or a group or an organization. JoopeA is a policy to think; The thinking that has it’s root’s in basic human rights, right to be ourselves and right to think. The rights that has been taken  from us! But we don’t tolerate it. Increasing knowledge is first step toward Human Rights and this couldn’t happen if there is no access to free information. While it was unbelievable, this basic right has been taken  from us. JoopeA is unstoppable fight to take this right back.


The notion of JoopeA has to be more about friendship than any ethical commandment or any kind of communal aspiration. And being friends with all an existence who is you stand at the front line.
The only important obligation is being or becoming capable in the language of the friendship. And you are first of all committed in front of yourself. This is the least significant step forward you need to accomplish which can represent your entire journey; The journey which has started from you to become unique, correlated and free from the creation of “others”. Because your pain hurts me and your glory flourishes me because you are the same as me, and not even that; because we are the one as we are equal.
We need to establish ties that make friendship happen; to be more than a number to each other.
“I am looking for friends.”
“Tame me please.” And let me tame you.

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